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The course was really good, helped me remember things for St Johns. Further I learned some new methods and more detail. Jack S

Ken was exceptionally knowledgeable and very passionate. He made it an enjoyable and informative experience for me. Shelly B

Brilliant course aqnd instructor. David Y

I loved the course, very interesting - this was thanks to our trainer. Ana B

Ken was very friendly and helpful throughout the course. He made it very enjoyable - I now feel confident in dealing with any situation in the future. Sarah D

Much more interesting than expected and this was mainly due to how well it was delivered. Matthew P

I have done four first aid courses and this was by far the best. I found the knowledge I gained was great and it was presented in an enjoyable manner. Thomas W

I learned a lot. I would feel confident in performing CPR. Beverly R

This is the best first aid course I have been on. I would recommend it to others. I have learned more on this course than other courses I have been on. Karla L

The course was well presented and informative. Despite being a first aider previously, I learned a great deal from this session. Bill M

I liked the flexibility to cover a range of topics. Samuel G

Very well presented, answered all questions in detail. Paul H

The course was very well presented and explained, Ken gave us qa good grounding and insight into emergency first aid at work. Dean G

I liked the fact we were asked if we were happy about each part before moving on to the next, I didn’t feel under pressure and was able to learn at my own speed - Hayley D

Relaxed environment, small group size, regular breaks to aid learning - Cheryl T

It  was very informative and not a bit boring, as I thought it would be - Ray B

I thought the whole course was very good and Ken made it easy to understand, I feel that I have learned a lot doing this course and feel I could deal with any First Aid situation much better and with confidence - Grace C

Good all round knowledge especially when more difficult questions were asked by people - Jerry L

It was the best first aid training I have ever had. Everything was explained very clearly - n.m

Everything was really good, really enjoyed the whole day - jh

I liked the fact that the course had a lot of practical and group interactions. Ken made it very interesting - ml

The course was very good, relevant, informative, well facilitated and presented - md

Very hands on course, trainer clear and easy to understand, learned a lot about first aid - tm

Very informative, everything explained so it made a very good learning experience - rp  

Very interesting and informative course, i learned a lot today - Debbie

Very good and interesting - Jeanette

Very informative and enjoyable - Paul

Excellent course, lots of practical which reinforces theory learning  - Carol  

Very good, learned some things handy when at home -  Jayne

A really interesting and exciting way to learn - Ashleigh.

Over the last three years Ken has provided all the First Aid Training for our leaders and badge work for our Scouts. His courses are always interesting and informative and his real life experiences as a First Responder add useful insight to the training. He also ensures that the courses are relevant to the particular circumstances that we are likely to experience. A great day- Gareth Cox, Group Scout Leader

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